Saturday, March 21, 2009

Discovering New Life.

In my past life I was a teacher or a scientist. How I became an ICT pro I can't explain. I love nature documentaries and working with kids, but I never pursued a career in either discipline. So nowadays I just get to watch from afar and think about what could have been.

Recently I learned of a project that will allow three special teachers to accompany scientists from The Nature Conservancy and The American Museum of Natural History on a trip to Palmyra and the Solomon Islands. They’ll see first hand the amazing diversity of life found there and view efforts to conserve the fast vanishing marine and terrestrial habitats.

The teachers are:

Robin Bottini
Science Teacher from Avon Lake High School, Avon Lake Central School District, Ohio

Dawn Sherwood
Science/Oceanography Teacher from Highland Springs High School, Henrico County Public Schools, Virginia

Jennifer Van Gundy
9th Grade Science Teacher from Hinkley High School, Aurora Public Schools, Colorado

You can also check their progress at

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