Monday, August 18, 2008

The Return of the Black

Uh-oh...Blackberry Bold is set to release next month.  It's decision time.  Will I sway to the dark side of Apple's Iphone or will I stick with my trusty Blackberry series.  Only time will tell.  $300 bucks on the AT&T package so not a bad deal.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Virtual Field Trip or the Death of the Permission Slip?

"Follow me kids to a place where you wouldn't get beat up for dressing like this"

Wasn't this the vision of the Internet about 10 years ago?  Kids seeing distant places from the comfort and cost effectiveness of their classrooms?  Well hey it's here and what do you know it is actually working.  Check out this article about the schools in Niagara, NY and their distance learning experience.  Imagine following a revolutionary war soldier into battle and seeing through his eyes in real time at the real scenery.  Technology in the classroom is all about improving the level of engagement and until we invent time machines that work without leaving people stuck in alternate dimensions this will have to be the alternative.