Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gaming and Education

Let's take a moment to review this idea simply.  Can Master Chief help kids learn about the solar system?  Can Mario teach kids about math?  What can children learn from a the same industry that brought us Grand Theft Auto?  Okay maybe that's too simple.

"I've found that the battle rifle has proven effective as a discipline tool"

This week the Florida Education Technology Conference highlighted video games used as education tools.  As a strong proponent of brining technology to the classroom I'm on the fence on this issue.  I would rather explore the use of laptops and interactive whiteboards in the classroom.  I'm sure kids would love to play games in school, hell I like to play them at work.  However, just because the bridge is there doesn't mean we should cross the connection.  Afterall kids already have a connection to gaming and associate it with fun and liesure...which have no place in the classroom.