Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pencils, Paper and touch screens

PC World ran an article this week about the increase in technology used in the classroom.  Technology in the education system is one of the more interesting aspects of my profession.  Whether it be Promethean interactive whiteboards, projectors, shared monitors, or laptop programs, the education system seems willing to take on new ideas.  

Youngsters are attracted to technology as much as anyone.  They practically drive the cell phone market in the states.  It should be the duty of teachers, principals and super intendents to investigate these advances thoroughly and educate themselves on how to effectively use them as tools to engage students more deeply.

Just a quick thought.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A great resource from Tom Snyder

Not this Tom Snyder...

but rather Tom Snyder Productions that specializes in creating aides for k-12 classrooms.  You can read a very in depth article here on how to better incorporate interactive white boards.  13 pages of genuinely good information.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Honda's green initiative.

I hope in the future we get to see a solar powered Honda Civic...lowered to one inch off the ground, carbon fiber hood, black race rims and a giant spoiler.  

Specific Highlight:  The Products and Lifecycle pages give you an idea of the substance behind Honda's green promise.  I find it difficult to buy this sort of jive from an auto maker, but Honda actually has been producing next generation specs for quite some time and their hybrid versions of the Accord and Civic help to supplement the Prius rage going on.

A lot of people probably never got to see this commercial in the states, but it's a good one.