Friday, June 27, 2008

Fear the snooze button

If you are like me, you rarely need the snooze button, being you were cursed with an internal clock that wakes you up at 5:17 am, 6:30 am, 8:15 am and sometimes 10:36 am.  However, I do use the alarm function on my clock from time to time.  There are people out there who absolutely rely on an alarm clock to wake them up.  For example; my roommate in college had the horrible trait of not waking up to his alarm...though I would.  I soon found out that if I turn off his alarm for him...he will sleep for days.  I chose to just wake him up, being the smell of his funk building up rivaled all the lack of sleep.

For such people comes the Tyrant Alarm Clock.  Tyrant hijacks your cell phone's contact list and makes random calls until you tell it to stop.  Wow!  Imagine oversleeping and your phone randomly calls your ex.  Your situation just got a lot worse very quickly.   I'm all for this technology...for other people.

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